Mother vs. Daughter

Sarah sabotages Rayyan’s petition by telling Fred Tupper that it is for an Islamic purpose. Fred Tupper goes from almost signing the petition to hire a “baywatch babe” to berating the thought of flushing $10,000 down the drain. Rayyan doesn’t react happily at first but after some wise words from Amaar decides to make peace with her mom.

Minor altercations are commonplace in the household but it appears that the love and communication established in family relationships dictate how resolutions will come about. Oftentimes it ends with hugs and apologies and seldom does it end with a blow-up.

Why do mothers and daughter sometimes not see eye to eye? It seems that in the end, they do make up with each other. Is this always the case? Do you have any stories where you have had an argument with your mom but worked things out afterwards?



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14 responses to “Mother vs. Daughter

  1. Sean

    For small communities $10,000 while a very low salary for a lifeguard still is not a small expense. I am all for accomindating a minority group (and I am not only talking about religious or ethnic minorities) if the accomindation is reasonable and doesn’t burden the majority to more than a very modest extent, but here it obviously does.

    This is probably the first of an increasing number of accomindations that the Muslims of Mercy is going to ask from the community at large in the slow but excelerating move towards Mercistan.

  2. CanadianMuslim

    ‘Mercistan’? Dude, you definitely have an active imagination. Anyone could tell you that we Muslims can’t run our own mosques; how the heck would the (fictional, may I remind you!) Muslims of Mercy be able to ‘convert’ the prairie town into a ‘Moslem oasis’ or whatever it is that you’re thinking of?

  3. Sean

    As the Muslims of Mercy gain more and more accomidations other Muslims are going to hear about Mercy and how friendly it is to Muslims and they are going to move there.

    Eventially the whole character of the town will change. And that is what I mean by “Mercistan”.

  4. LOL that is the silliest thing I have ever heard… but say it did happen, what would be wrong with many Mulim people moving into one town?? There is nothing to say that the current residence have to move out?

  5. CanadianMuslim

    “As the Muslims of Mercy gain more and more accomidations other Muslims are going to hear about Mercy and how friendly it is to Muslims and they are going to move there.”

    You *do* know that this is all fictional? And that’s it’s probably not going to happen on the show? And that it’s almost certainly not going to happen in real life?

    Reality check, buddy. Relax. We Muslims aren’t going to be taking over Canada anytime soon.

  6. Sean

    The current residents would feel too uncomfortable living in a predominately Muslim community so most of them would move elsewhere.

  7. CanadianMuslim

    And then what would happen to the show? There’d be no material to work with.

  8. Sean how does this differ from how muslims feel living in other western towns? They tend to be the minority and have to live with many things that make them uncomfortable. I don’t see them moving away from thier homes.

  9. Sean

    almostamira the difference is that the townspeople were there first.

  10. Jb

    Sean get a life.

    If the people of ‘Mercy’ are so yellow bellied and move because there are more Muslims, then it would show their intolerance, racism and lack of backbone. Most people are quite happy for other cultures and practices to co-exist. Why? Because they are not insecure about their own ideology or way of life – unless their belief is as hollow and weak as yours! In which case they would have to move.

  11. CanadianMuslim

    Sean, you can be this blog’s Fred Tupper! (Except that Fred Tupper is way funnier.)

  12. Bronwen

    Sean, Muslim Canadians consist of 2% of the population of Canada. They are not taking over any time soon. Keep your boxers on.

    And, hello, the original inhabitants of the town “were there first”? No, they weren’t. As has been pointed out to you in a different thread, the First Nations people were there first — that is, the Blackfoot, Chipewyan, Sioux, Assiniboine, Gros Ventre, Sarcee, Cree, Saulteaux, Shoshoni, and Nez Perce. It is an incredible insult to them that you are ignoring their very existence, and simply displays your own ignorance.

    A new ethnic and religious population coming in, legally settling, living peacefully, and instigating certain new and different cultural practices (last I looked, diversity was a good thing) should not even be mentioned in the same breath as the cultural genocide that European settlers imposed on those peoples. The white folk simply do not get the moral upperhand in this argument. At all. Ever.

  13. Alice

    Look what happened in Antelope, Oregon in the 1980s, so it is possible for a committed minority to come in and become the majority in a small town.

  14. Alice

    I wish they would have more shows about Fred that puts him in a positive light. Perhaps shows where Fred and the Muslims unite against She-Mayor and her schemes for the moral denigration of Mercy.

    Perhaps a show where the Muslims and Fred protest She-Mayor’s trip to Red China. After all China discriminates against Muslims. Such conflict would certainly put Sarah on the hot seat since she works for her. Perhaps she is going to have to decide between her faith and her job.

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