Episode 3 – The Open House

Synopsis: An open house held in Mercy that is meant to bridge gaps between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities has unexpected consequences.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Video courtesty of mydien

Have you had any unexpected consequences? What did you think of Episode 3?



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32 responses to “Episode 3 – The Open House

  1. hassan

    We usually have people of many cultures at our house for Eid celebrations. My mom gets alot of complements for her cooking. We haven’t had any unexpected consequences yet.

  2. jasmine

    It has been too long ! I’m so excited about this episode.

  3. ibrahim

    The way I see it, our friends from different cultures are very friendly and treat us with respect. I think hostility comes in when the people from different cultures are not allowed to mesh with Islamic cultures. If the cultures mix and mingle there will be no need and no reason to argue and fight. The open house is one way to bridge this gap between the cultures.

  4. Sara Parker

    i thought this episode was much better than the first two. extremely funny and had a very good flow
    i will definately keep watching!

  5. fatima

    Yes, I agree with you Sara. I liked this one alot more than the previous 2 episodes. Even Fred Tupper had some good lines ! “The Jihadists” hehe.

  6. alysha

    Thank you so much !

  7. farah

    It’s been overdue. Thank you for uploading it.

  8. almostamira

    ha ha ha I loved Fred’s made up words too! a very good episode.

  9. shenaaz

    I really have the urge to say, “Fred Tupper Must Die”. But he is soooo funny !

  10. sara

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to an open house where the lighting causes an explosion.

    “You try to be neighbourly, and they try to blow ya up”.

    haha. Classic !

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  12. AP

    I don’t like the direction things are taking with the Imam and Yaser’s daughter. The flirting and sexual tension with the Imam? What sort of a little mosque is this.

  13. fatima

    AP: I guess that could be expected when the community is small and you have people that are at the marrying age.

  14. Khaliff Watkins

    I like that this show takes on such touchy issues. Importantly, it is carefull to show all sides. Babur made an offensive remark about 911 but the Imam was quick to correct him. The whole point to the show was in this very exchange. We all need to get to know one another, to grow in empathy and understanding for all our pains and all our joys. Comedy is a great way to show how we all fail in this goal, despite good intentions. It also says that we can’t give up. We forget that the point of any religion, philosophy, or national government is to serve humanity and foster its developement and enlightenment. It starts with empathy for all. There are no sides. Only what’s inside.

  15. SN

    The third episode was better than the first two. The second one was really bad. Anyway, lets hope it keeps getting better as these sort of shows are good to develop better understanding.

    AP: As fatima suggested, imams are human too and it is only natural to be attracted to a good looking single woman.

  16. Wendy

    I’m pleased to see the responses here from Muslim viewers as well. I am happy this program is so sensible, using situations for the comedy and not the put-down humour of one-liners so prevalent in American sit-coms. I like the radio host for his Archie Bunkerish ignorance. He is so far off that anyone can see how ridiculous his points of view are. At least I HOPE everyone can see it. I saw a few American responses to the IDEA of the show before it even premiered that suggest there are plenty of people who choose Archie’s ignorance. How sad. It’s just as easy for me to be judgemental about THEM as it is for them to be judgemental about others. I must be more kind.

  17. Um Mahtab

    I really liked this episode. Definitely better than the second. I find that I can’t hate Fred too much, because I remember the actor’s loveable simpleton character from Wind at My Back haha.. so I just find Fred really funny in a dorky kind of way.

  18. Sean

    Khaliff there are always sides.

    Sometimes sides change but there are always sides.

  19. Sean

    Fred Tupper is very smart.

    He is right to be concerned when a foreign element comes into his community and tries to take over.

    Look at what happened in Antelope, Oregon, USA during the 1980s.

    Yeah, first it was all about tolerance and diversity and all of that. But pretty soon they took over, changed the name of the town and most of the original inhabitants were forced out.

    Fred Tupper knows that Mercistad is a real possibility (or is it Merciabad). Especially with She Mayor in the the corner of the Muslims with the hope that she can count on them as a solid voting block for her. In the end though, when the Muslims do gain overwhelming numbers in the community, she might just find herself pushed aside as they are going to want one of their own as mayor. But then again, when it reaches that point She Mayor would probably convert to Islam though I believe the Muslims would see her conversion to Islam for what it is – a lame political ploy.

  20. Ms. Iman

    I kind of laugh at the tension between Ammar and Rayyan. They are both single, young and attractive and it seems Mercy is at a lack of that particular kind of element. Also they are both professionals (he a former lawyer, she a doctor) so they have quite a bit in common. I’m just surprised no one’s tried to marry them off to each other yet lol. In my masjid the minute there’s a sign of new (single) blood in the water all the mothers of single children hone in like sharks lol.

  21. Steve

    Didn’t you know that rural Canada lacks single, young and attractive people?

    I love this show. I can laugh at the rural people and at the same time pat myself on the back for being so tolerant.

  22. Sean

    I meant to type Mercistan. Or perhaps Merciabad.

  23. I loved this episode! It was so funny! The choreography of when the fuse went was way too perfect.
    Fred Tupper, we got guys worse than him at the main radio station in the Yakima Gulag, it’s one of the annoying things about life here, and they import that sort of commentary from other places too. Fred Tupper is harmless by comparison!
    The mayor is funny too.
    I wanted to comment on the Antelope thing. 1. except for the Guru and his inner circle, most of the cultists were white North Americans and Europeans, 2. The cult was just that, a Hindu based cult with most of it’s followers being the defiant children of middle class and even wealthy people of North American origins, or Western European origins. Very few actual Indians and very few born Hindus. All of the converts to this cult were born and raised either Christian or Jewish. So culturally they might have been in some respect misfit or marginal, but they were MEMBERS,and for the most part, they had money.
    They were in an excellent position to take over a small, rural town in Oregon, because they weren’t really members of a foreign culture, just ‘natives’ from other parts of the American culture. This is a HUGE difference from Muslims, some of foreign origin and some of Canadian origin.

  24. Sean

    But couldn’t the same thing happen with Muslims in Mercy?

    As more and more concessions are made to them other Muslims are going to hear about Mercy and how accommodatingly they are to Muslims and they are going to move there.

    Before you know it Mercistan is a reality. And while Muslims while they are in the minority in a place talk about tolerance and diversity, once they achieve majority in a place they change their tune about all that.

  25. Hazwady

    Yes i believe in what Sean say to an extent. Firstly, if everyone was Muslim, they would surely vote for a Muslim leader. Why would they want a person of another religion leading them. I give you an example. Would America vote for a Muslim president? You do the math. But if the mayor converted to Islam not beacuse of power, I believe the muslim would vote for her. If not she is considered a munafiq(hypocrite).

  26. Um Mahtab

    Good lord, you guys are taking it waaaay too seriously.

  27. Its growing on me. I find myself thinking up my own episodes of the show.

  28. Nahida

    The videos aren’t being posted, so I pulled up this old one from youtube to watch when I was looking for them and–

    WHOA. Fatima’s comment about the “missionary position” and Amaar laughing at it totally went over my head when I first saw this episode!

    Guess I’m not as innocent now as I was at 15.

  29. Steve

    It’s sad even this show had to have some sexual stuff in it.

    I happen to get CBC on my cable provider so I did watch the “Christmas” episode. It still is as mean spirited as last year. I wish they would get back to the spirit of the 2nd season when I started actually liking the show at times.

    The show was supposed to be about Amaar’s first Christmas in Mercy but it didn’t seem to have the tone of how he was back then. It was interesting at the end when all the Muslims got together Layla wasn’t there. Of course she couldn’t be because with kids of course it’s easier to tell age.

  30. Steve

    Wasn’t it kind of ironic what Hazwady said?

    Okay, he might not be Muslim but he does have a Muslim sounding name.

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