Episode 3 – Preview

You can watch clips from Episode 3 at CBC.ca.

Vino at the Minbar: Baber helps clarify to the town-folk that it’s Minbar not ‘Mini-bar’.

Pasty White Friend: The gang discuss their choice of words for the open house.

Missionary Position: Fatima has stories from an African perspective.

Dating: Rayyan tries to explain that you don’t need to taste the cake to know it will be delicious.



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6 responses to “Episode 3 – Preview

  1. tom

    Haha. “It’s Minbar, not Mini-bar”. Baber cracks me up !

  2. almostamira

    What is a minbar anyways???

  3. Jamroll


    The minbar is the pulpit in the mosque where the imam delivers his sermons.

  4. Tom

    “Little Mosque” depends of offensive stereotypes for its humour.

    Also, while at times funny, I do wonder about how “real” the situation is. I once saw a show about how the Nazis made two propaganda films about the conflict between the British and the Irish. The films, at least according to those who were interviewed who had seen them were quite good. The only problem was that the people in the movies were not Irish. What I mean by that was that the culture of the Irish portrayed in the films in no way reflected actual Irish culture as I guess the Germans who wrote, produced, and acted in the movies never took the time to get to understand the traditions and feel of the Irish people. It just wasn’t important to them because in the end it had nothing to do with the Irish. It was as one commentator of the movies said “Germans talking to Germans”.

    And that is kind of what I am getting with the “Little Mosque” show. In the end it isn’t really about small town Saskatchewan or Muslim communities living within small town Saskatchewan. In the end what it comes down to is just Liberal Urbanite Canadians talking to Liberal Urbanite Canadians, with their political message being far more important to them than whether or not the situation portrayed reflects a real situation in the country accurately enough.

    By the way, why does “The She Mayor” remind me so much of the mayor on South Park?

  5. Tom:

    That’s a great observation on the Nazi propoganda films but Little Mosque on the Prairie is written by Zarqa Nawaaz who is a muslim feminist who has read the Quran and has actually experienced some of the cultural issues living in Regina.

    Here’s a link to an interview: http://www.cbc.ca/arts/tv/little_mosque.html

  6. almostamira

    Thanks JamRoll!

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