School Events

Baber’s daughter has to get permission from him to attend school functions and she has to describe them in a way that would get the approval of her father.

In Western cultures, school dances and parties are a dime a dozen.

Our parents were flexible enough to allow us to mingle with our friends and trusted that we would not go astray. Just because our friends drank didn’t mean we needed to.

How flexible were your parents?



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5 responses to “School Events

  1. anonymous

    I hate to admit it, but sometimes I would alter the truth about the crowd I’m hanging out with just to get permission to go out. But, I just wanted to hang out, I wasn’t interested in drinking or smoking.

  2. jasmine

    My parents were overly concerned with where I went and who I hung out with. I know that their intentions were good and the thought of the consequences of my actions kept me from behaving in an inappropriate manner.

  3. tom

    That is pretty strict. But every father is concerned about their daughter. I guess if you keep strict then the compromised solution wouldn’t be as bad.

  4. Saadiyah

    my parents marshallah are strict in many ways but we have a bond that relates to trust to one another… i do go out with female friend… but thats during tha day not tha night NEVER! and i tell them were i am and whoo i am wid… if ur friend consumes alcohol or smoke u have a willpower to drink it or not to… but marshallah my friends respects me for that and will neva do it in front of me.

  5. Saadiyah:

    Yes, it’s essential to have that trust between parent and child. But not everyone is so lucky. I think you are fortunate to have that relationship with your parents.

    It seems you are also well respected in your group of friends too.

    How do you build such a relationship?

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