In the episode, Baber’s daughter tries to shock her father with the clothing she would wear before reaching a compromise that would work for both father and daughter.

The men in general don’t have a problem with their clothing, they may get the odd lecture about having pants extend below the knee but remain above the ankle. Women on the other hand are not so lucky; fathers are only satisfied when their daughters are completely covered, husbands when their wives are wrapped from head to toe.

What is it like in your house-hold?



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7 responses to “Dress

  1. anonymous

    My father sometimes told me to dress more traditional in the Islamic gowns for men along with a hat. With today’s fashions, it is quite stylish.

  2. farida

    My hijab and kameez’s are very fashionable. I have a burgundy one that I absolutely love. I don’t mind wearing it at all.

  3. sara

    I think that if the suits are worn with an eye towards fashion, they would be very appealing. Rayyan makes it look so exquisite on the show.

  4. I had to laugh when the father said to his daughter ‘You look like a Protestant!’ and she said ‘You mean I look like a prostitute?’ and he said ‘No I meant a Protestant’ I was laughing myself silly!

  5. ha ha ha… me too! What does a “Protestant” dress like?

  6. Saudia

    Ha ha… yes, that Protestant/Prostitute thing was really funny! I think that fathers always want to protect their daughters more because they know what men are like (they are one–and used to be a young man at one time of their life). So, modesty is the name of the game. Could also be partially modesty, partially protection from the roving eyes, and of course, religious etiquette.

  7. I love Islamic fashion and I think that modesty and looking great really go hand in hand. It’s a Muslim’s duty to look neat and put together rather than looking like you don’t care about your appearance.

    I feel it’s important for me to stick to the Islamic dress code as close as possible, while at the same time expressing my own sense of style with color and accessories. It’s really fun and I get my 2 year old daughter into it by wrapping a scarf on her head for prayer. She loves it! And she even asks me to help her with her scarf sometimes. 🙂

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