Amaar determines that the divider issue cannot be decided by one or two of the constituents. Each member of the Muslim community should have a voice but that’s not how it is at the gathering.

In some communities, women don’t have a voice at the Mosque but this is beginning to change. Women are starting to teach at the Mosque and organize weekly events and functions for other Muslim women to attend. They are becoming more involved and it all starts by attending the Mosque in the first place.

How involved are women in your community?


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2 responses to “Debate

  1. farida

    In our Masjid, we have a committee of women that has a hierarchical structure. We delegate tasks and get things done in a timely and orderly manner.

  2. alysha

    Some women are taking charge in our community as well. They see the benefits of having a womenly touch in the Mosque. Not only that, they also want to help keep the community together.

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