In Mercy, there is an argument about how they should determine the beginning of Ramadan. The opinions range from following Saudi Arabia, using a telescope versus using the naked eye much like the days of Muhammed.

Every year, we have a similar scenario where the same points are brought up. Some believe that scientists have the capability to determine the birth of the moon and we should follow their findings. Others believe that they should pursue the path of the Prophet. At the end of the day though, they call Houston to confirm anway.

What does your community do?



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2 responses to “Ramadan

  1. alysha

    I remember one year the commitee decided that the crescent had not been sighted and Ramadan should not begin for another day.

    However, we got a call at 5AM the next morning claiming that Ramadan will in-fact begin that same morning. Needless to say, some of us fasted the first day without having a bite to eat.

  2. Gizat

    Why is the new imam deciding it was up to him to set the time for the beginning of Ramadan? And why everybody is rude with the old imam? Astaghfiralla, please, respec the elders and those, who possess KNOWLEDGE.

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