Fred Tupper uses his radioshow to fuel the misconceptions already building in the community. Along with his guests he does a great job in twisting the information and using it out of context.

There was a story where a radioshow host tricked people by allowing them to express their true thoughts on Muslims by agreeing with the callers condemnation of Muslims. After the show, he categorically communicated to his listeners that the people calling in with stereotypical beliefs are very narrow minded and he is astonished that he is living in a society that harbors people with such ill-feelings.

Have you heard any spinnings on a radioshow?


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  1. John

    I really recommend listening to Michael Savage.

    He is quite interesting and he does say that he isn’t talking about most Muslims when he criticizes the Islamo-fascists out there.

    I would suggest not judging him until you listen to him for a week or more as he uses lots of hyperbole and sarcasm which can easily be misinterpreted.

    Here are the channels he is on over the internet.

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