The Mosque in Mercy is rented from the local reverend and is situated in a Parish hall. The reverend needs to support his church so he rents space to Yassar’s construction company which uses the space for multiple purposes.

Subhanallah, our Masjid is fully owned and operated by approximately 25 families. We have work weekends where fellow muslims spend the better part of the weekend helping with improving the Masjid. It was purchased in January 2000 from a church after rigorous fund raising efforts in nearby communities. In December 2001, the Masjid was debt free.

Nowadays, the Masjid improvements consist of yard work, gardening, painting and improving facilities.

What’s the history behind your Mosque?



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4 responses to “Mosque

  1. alysha

    When we started out in our community, we used to have Friday gatherings for prayer in a room upstairs in our family operated store and gas station.

  2. riaz

    Our local Mosque was also purchased from a Church. It is interesting how we approach Churches and convert their facilities into our place of worship.

  3. jasmine

    Our original Mosque burnt down a few years ago and now with the support of the community and neighbouring cities, we have a multi-million dollar Mosque that is so elegant.

  4. Steve

    Here in real life they meet in an Anglican church. This seemed to pre-date the first episode of the show. I wonder if that’s how they got the concept.

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