In the show, Sarah insists on preparing cucumber sandwiches for fast-breaking while Fatima demands that they prepare traditional Goat curry.

For us, we know that pasta lasts longer so oftentimes during the month we have it in the morning. Mother also used to cook flavourful curries the night before that we would have with roti in the mornings. We had porridge and a cup of tea to round up the morning breakfast.

To break the fast (on the weekends), we would prepare samosas with mango and mint chutney, chick-peas, egg-rolls and tandoori chicken. For dinner, it would be a traditional aromatic curry with rice. Mmmmmm.

What is your Ramadan meal ?


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2 responses to “Food

  1. jasmine

    During the weekdays of Ramadan, we would make do with toast and cereal in the mornings and in the evenings, we would have a variety of dishes ranging from macaroni and cheese, pasta, curries and pizza.

  2. jake

    Some people just have dates and water before and after fasting. They claim that it’s all they need.

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