Episode 1 – Little Mosque

A young lawyer from Toronto, Amaar Rashid, moves  from Toronto to become an Imam in a small community in the prairies. When he arrives at his new home he realizes quickly that the muslims and locals are not getting along.

What were your thoughts on the topics in this episode?



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9 responses to “Episode 1 – Little Mosque

  1. hassan

    The airport scene was so funny ! Can you imagine what would happen if someone actually did that. The cop was so scared of everything that Amaar did.

  2. halima

    This show is quite funny. It is very relevant to Muslims in the Western society.

  3. Esom Ashour

    I just watched it. I have to say, good concept, poor execution. The accents are like daggers in my ears; the lead female actor strikes me as never having made it past a high-school drama production of My Fair Lady; and the supporting cast just screams “well, we’re from Canada, don’t expect too much.”

    There are some pretty funny quotes, but they’re delivered so badly they’re only funny in text.

    I really had high hopes for this show. Now, I can only hope after a couple epps under their belts the actors and writers will somehow get better.

  4. Gizat

    The show is funny, but poorly reflects TRUE muslim society and family. Didn’t like Sitara Hewwitt (Rayyan?) – she always argues and jokes on her dad. What? It is not how it is supposed to be.. However, I hope non-muslim society will understand us better through this show. I wish politicians watched this too.

  5. binmugahid

    Well, lets not get too worked up about a show, it’s a good start, it could be better, but it still great nonetheless.

  6. Zainab

    I love this show. Does that mean I love everything about it?…no but I love the concept, and that Muslims are finally being represented rather a-politically by a Muslim, in a way that is not degrading. People need to realize that there are all kinds of Muslim families; from the very religious and conservative to the more liberal and less religious. I think also it’s important to remember that the show is NOT a documentary, its rather a comedic sitcom. While you may not find things funny, just like any comedy, there are people who do. It’s just bringing an awareness to people and I don’t think its efforts should be criticized negatively.

  7. Ida

    I just wish they would show the other side. There are some Muslims in Canada who wish ill upon Canada.


  8. Tamara

    I just love this show! It is wonderful to shed a new light on Muslims in North America. I agree that the show could use a little more work; I am so pleased there will be more episodes to follow that will allow the development of the characters and the writer.

  9. Mona

    Have you heard about the new American show “Aliens in America”? It’s about a “typical American family” that signs up to receive an exchange student and gets a Muslim Pakistani boy, and of course, they’re horrified by this and want to “take him back”. Apparently, they developed it after seeing the success of “Little Mosque” but I saw a preview of it. It’s soo politically incorrect (and that’s what they’re billing it as so it’s not like they have qualms about it). Obviously, the execs missed the point on what’s so great about “Little Mosque”.

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