The Imam-to-be, Amaar, plans on flying out of Toronto to his “paradise” but because of his manner of speaking and choice of words, he is taken into custody instead. He has another incident later-on where he cannot purchase a one-way ticket.

At Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle one year, I was the only person at the security check-poin line a little more brown than the others. I was pulled aside by one of the security personnel and taken to a special line where I was thoroughly questioned about the contents of my luggage. Luckily, I co-operated well enough not to land myself in hot water.

Have you had an airport experience?


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3 responses to “Airport

  1. Anonymous

    Yes, ever since 9/11, I have been targeted by security guards with a somewhat concerned eye.

  2. imran

    It is getting out of hand, there must be a better system than having it based on stereotypes and judgements.

  3. jake

    Only in a comedy show with Muslims can you pull that off. “It’s Allahs plan for me”. haha.

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